Introducing our new Sky VIP Lounge


Welcome to the Sky VIP lounge

Sky VIP lounges will be opening across the country, giving more Sky customers VIP access and star treatment closer to home.

Sky customers who already have a ticket to a show, can start their night in style with an exclusive pass to a Sky VIP lounge. They can skip the queues and enjoy their own private entrance. Relax with food and drink away from the crowds. There’s even somewhere to get merch.

As one of the most prestigious spaces in the arenas, Sky VIP lounges will make guests feel extra-special thanks to immersive installations, themed treats and glitter artists.

To apply for lounge passes, head to the Sky VIP section in the My Sky app.

  • FAQ's
    • How do I book Sky VIP lounge passes?

      The Sky VIP lounge is exclusive for Sky customers and can be booked within the Sky VIP section of the My Sky app.

      For eligible Sky VIP members, select the month of your arena show, then the event you have arena tickets for and apply for the number of passes you want to book (up to 4). Passes are allocated on a first come, first served basis with limited availability. If you’re successful, we’ll send you a booking confirmation and details of your passes. Please check all details, tickets and age restrictions before the event. Your guests must also have tickets to the same arena event.

    • Can I get Sky VIP lounge passes on the day of a show?

      You can book passes until two hours before arena doors open, subject to availability. We may even be able to help you on the day, subject to availability. When you get to the arena, speak to a Sky representative.

    • How many guests can I bring to the Sky VIP lounge?

      You can bring up to three guests with you. They don’t have to be a Sky customer, but they do need an arena event ticket. Passes are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please check your My Sky app and passes for age restrictions – these are different for each show. Anyone who is under 14 will need to come with someone who’s 18 or over.

    • When can I book Sky VIP lounge passes?

      You can usually book passes from the day the arena tickets go on general sale. Sometimes there’s a delay in releasing passes so check ‘Sky VIP’ in your My Sky app later. If you still can’t book passes after two weeks, the Sky VIP lounge probably isn’t open for the show you’re seeing. The arena has the right to close the Sky VIP lounge, but this doesn't happen very often.

    • Do passes guarantee entry to the Sky VIP lounge?

      Having a pass does not guarantee entry. If there is not enough room due to our standard overbooking policy to account for no-shows, entry is granted on a first come, first served basis. And, once the area is full, people will be let in on a one in, one out basis. Please arrive early to avoid disappointment.

    • Does entry to the Sky VIP lounge guarantee that I’ll be at the front of the standing area?

      No, to increase your chances of being at the front of the standing area, we recommend you join the standing queue at the arena as early as you can.

    • How do I cancel my Sky VIP lounge passes?

      You can do this at any time before the event by clicking on ‘My bookings’ and choosing the event and the number of passes you want to cancel.

    • What time does the Sky VIP lounge open and close?

      Check your show ticket – the Sky VIP lounge opens an hour before the arena’s main doors open and closes just before the main act starts. Entry to the Sky VIP lounge closes 30 minutes before the main act. Sometimes our opening and closing times change at short notice but we do everything we can to avoid this.

    • Are travel arrangements and expenses included with Sky VIP lounge passes?

      No. Travel and accommodation, food and drinks, and any other expense not specifically mentioned in the event description will not be included, and you’ll need to arrange your own travel to and from the event.

    • Where is the Sky VIP lounge?

      The Sky VIP lounge has its own private entrance next to entrance F. If arriving by car, park in the North Carpark and head upstairs to Entrance G. Once here, continue up the next set of stairs, follow the building around to the left going past Entrance F and you will find the entrance to the Sky VIP lounge on your right.  

    • How do I change the name on my Sky VIP lounge passes?

      You can’t change the name so if you can’t make it, please cancel your passes so someone else can book.

    • Where’s my confirmation email?

      If you haven’t received your confirmation email, don’t worry. If you successfully booked passes, you’ll find them saved in your My Sky app. Simply go into Sky VIP, then choose the relevant reward category e.g. Free Sports Tickets. Finally, select ‘My bookings’ at the top and follow the instructions to view your passes. You can simply show this on your device when you arrive. If you’re not receiving our emails, please check your spam or junk folder in case the email went there. You may also want to add [email protected] and [email protected] to your address book or safe list to make sure that our emails are accepted.

    • How do I get my Sky VIP lounge passes?


      You’ll find them in your My Sky app – check out the ‘Sky VIP’ at the relevant arena tile within Sky VIP and you’ll see confirmation in ‘My bookings’. We'll also email them to you, if you'd prefer to print them off. Or if you can’t find your passes, we have a list on the door at the Sky welcome desk so we can check you in before you head upstairs to the Sky VIP lounge.

    • Are there age restrictions for the Sky VIP lounge?

      Yes, if you’re under 14, you’ll need to come with someone who’s 18 or over. If you’re under 18 you won’t be allowed to buy alcoholic drinks and if you appear to be under the age of 25, you may be asked for proof of age. 

    • Do I need to bring ID?

      Yes, we need to see ID that matches the name on your Sky VIP passes so please bring your driving licence or credit card. Also, if you look under 25, you may be asked for ID at the bar.

    • How many times can I go to the Sky VIP lounge?

      You and three guests are welcome in the Sky VIP lounge every time you have a ticket to a show at one of the participating arenas. It does not count as one of your monthly first come first served bookings. You'll need to book passes each time.

    • My event date has been rescheduled by the arena - do I need to rebook for the Sky VIP lounge?

      If you booked Sky VIP lounge passes to a show that has moved, then your passes will be valid for the new date. Once the arena confirms the new date, we change the dates on your passes and this should show in your My Bookings. We aim to change the passes within one week of the new show date being confirmed. If your passes aren't updated or showing in My Bookings, please contact us at [email protected].

    • What if my event was cancelled but hasn't yet been rescheduled?

      Sky VIP lounge passes are valid with your arena ticket and will be updated if an alternative date for a show is confirmed by the venue. Please contact either the arena or the company you booked your arena tickets through if you have questions about your show.

    • Can I take food and drink to the Sky VIP lounge?

      No, but there’s a restaurant and bar in the Sky VIP lounge where you can buy a drink or a bite to eat away from the crowds. If you need to bring food and drink for medical or religious reasons, please email the arena customer service team as advised in their FAQs.

    • I’m in a wheelchair/I have mobility issues – will there be suitable access and facilities for me?

      The Sky VIP lounge is accessible by lift and has facilities. Don’t forget you’ll need to book a pass for your essential companion too. Arrive at Entrance C located by the famous Lego giraffe, here you will have your security and ticket checks. Turn right to take the lift on your right and go up to level 1 (concourse level). Turn right out of the left and head down the concourse to the purple wall ahead of you, you will go past an illuminated BRUM sign on your right and go through the glass doors on the right to go up the lift. Go up in the lift to level 2 (labelled Quartz / Sky VIP lounge), come out of the lift and go through the Quartz lounge until you get to the Sky VIP lounge. Please don’t hesitate to ask the staff how to get to your seats and they will direct you back to the lift in the Quartz lounge and beyond.

    • Didn’t find the answer you were looking for?

      Contact us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.

For any questions relating to the arena show you have tickets for including, where relevant, new dates, times, ticket procedures and in venue policies, please contact the arena at