In between changing animals lives forever and embarking (excuse the pun) on his first live tour, we managed to sit down and grab a coffee with Noel Fitzpatrick aka the Supervet - and what a top bloke he is! Here's what went down!


Welcome to My World is a unique live experience for animal lovers everywhere. It will not just entertain and fascinate, but it might just change how you think!

Using the very latest in creative technology, illustrated with spectacular music and visuals, Noel will showcase his innovative treatments within a virtual theatre, using high-tech gadgetry to bring his ideas to life on stage.

If this has got you in the mood for seeing Noel up close and personal, then you can bag your tickets for his Welcome To My World Tour now!

Noel is a true thought leader in his field, drawing inspiration for his bionic inventions from his everyday life experiences and observations of the world around him. Welcome to My World is a unique opportunity to discover how these commonplace experiences, from the lollipop lady on the corner of the street to the films and comics he loved as a boy, have inspired his revolutionary developments in orthopaedic surgery. 

Join him on an extraordinary and emotional storytelling journey from his early years in Ireland, where his dreams of becoming a vet propelled him through childhood; to international veterinary training and practice, and on to the forefront of the revolution in bionic & regenerative medicine, evolving into The Supervet we know and love today.

You won't wanna miss this.