Six ways to work well from home

We know working from home can be difficult at times, so here's a few tips and hints which'll turn you into a Remote Working Superhero!


If you follow these six tips, we guarentee that you'll smash this working from home thing, make sure you follow them carefully....



I mean, working out, running and doing home fitness DVD’s are good, but the real strength and willpower comes from resisting those tasty treats sitting in your fridge. Tip, opening your laptop is not your first achievement of the day and no, you don’t deserve chocolate as a reward for it. It’s hard, but stick to your three main meals throughout the day and obviously have a snack here and there, but before you scoff the entire contents of your cupboard, ask yourself, am I hungry or am I bored?

Spoiler alert, you’re probably bored.



We’re not saying go completely starkers from the waist down, but, there’s a high possibility that you’re going to be on quite a few Skype chats during your working day, so, it’s probably best that you look kind of presentable. We’re not talking shirts and ties, but at least something other than a PJ’s or that oversized tee with the egg stains down it. Have a shower, do your hair and stick on some decent clobber…then you’re free to keep your lounger bottoms and slippers on for ultra comfort (as long as you don’t stand up mid-conference call).



*Disclaimer, if my boss is reading this, I only downloaded TikTok for research purposes and to assess the impact it has on working from home life. And yes, I’ve deleted it (maybe)*

Anyway, if you don’t know what TikTok is, then good, probably best to keep it that way. If you’ve already taken the plunge into the realms of viral videos, crazy dancing and incredible lip syncing, then it might be too late to save you. It’s so, so, so addictive. One minute you’re watching a slow-mo video of a raccoon jumping through a car window next thing you know, you’ve missed three video calls and your inbox is full. We’d recommend TikTok becoming your weekend treat, please avoid between the hours of 9-5, Monday-Friday. You’ll thank us for it.



We know this blog is a little bit silly, but this point is really important. Your evenings are still your evenings. Your weekends are still your weekends. You home is still your home. It’s very easy not to switch off as your work-life and home-life slowly merge into this weird, horrible, overpowering beast which can be hard to tame. It’s not good for you, your family and your mental health.

Establishing boundaries is essential. If possible, try and set up your work station in a different area to where you relax. Separate the two, have a space where you work and a space where you can live. Also, don’t be tempted to check your emails at 7:33am or fall into a routine of shutting your laptop at 8:15pm. Keep the structure, split your work/home environments and still make your social time a priority. It’ll be the best thing you do, trust us.



There’s some absolute horror stories floating about on social media (we won’t go into too many details) about the dangers of the webcam. Remember, the webcam is a pretty powerful device. It allows people to see exactly what’s going on within your home. It can see your face when you’re eye rolling a point your colleague is making, it can see you scrolling on your phone rather than inputting into the meeting and it can pick up stuff you might be watching on your TV in the background, which for some individuals, can be quite embarrassing should we say. Keep it clean and pay attention whilst your cams on, it’ll save you from being the talk of the (virtual) office.



This incredible line from the Netflix hit series Sex Education is now becoming an iconic, light-hearted reminder, during this difficult time we’re entering across the world. Even though you’re in the comfort of your own home, remember to "wash your hands, you dutty pig" every time you return from your exercise of the day or your trip to the shops, it’s super important we do this and keep everyone safe and healthy!