The man behind Whatcha Say, Ridin' Solo, Colours, It Girl and loads, loads more brings his 2018 live show to Arena Birmingham this September...and it's gonna be off the chain! Here's six reasons why you NEED to see JD do his thing here in Brum!


After unfortunately rescheduling his original March Genting Arena date, we were (and still are) super excited to welcome global superstar Jason Derulo back to Birmingham this time over here Arena Birmingham! And although we could probably list a million, here are our Top 6 reasons why we know you all need to here for his show in just a few weeks’ time.

ALL of the hits

This man’s back catalogue is full of all of the bangers - from his first big release Whatcha Say (which is still an absolute tune) all the way through to his latest release Colours…which was chosen as the official song of the 2018 Russia World Cup, Derulo has it all. Ridin’ Solo is gonna be incredible, It Girl, amazing and boy when he steps out to perform Trumpets…well, let’s just say you won’t be sitting down or standing still. Which kinda brings me onto my next point…

He’s got the moves

Some artists can sing really well and you know, kinda put a few moves together here and there. Some are the opposite and can dance til the cows come home, but perhaps can’t do that and hit all the notes at the same time – well – Jason Derulo can do BOTH. One minute he’ll be breakdancing with tens of backing dancers; then next he’ll be showing off some serious range. He really is the full package!

You’re in for a show

This isn’t just going to be a Jason Derulo concert, it’s going to be a Jason Derulo experience. The production is going to be BIG, punchy and will no doubt blow you away, The performance will be on point, tight and super slick. And of course there’s no doubt that the man himself will be on top form, bringing an unforgettable night of pop to Brum!

It’s PARTY time

Jason has a well-balanced range of releases, but, 70%-80% of these are upbeat, dance-y and designed as party starters – so – with that being said you can guarantee that JD is gonna turn our arena into one huge P-A-R-T-Y on 26 September. If you’re thinking of wearing heels (I’m talking to you too fellas) I’d probably reconsider and stick some flats on…you’re gonna need them.

The support acts are CRAZY

I love support acts at a gig, it gives you the chance to see an artist you (a) might not have seen live before (b) might not have heard of before – meaning you’ll leave the venue with a brand new star to add to your Spotify playlists…and Derulo’s show is no different. Hitting the stage before JD will be LZ7, Manchester’s electronic dance group, and Calum Scott, who originally featured on Britain’s Got Talent and has recently worked his way as a regular in the UK’s official Top 40. So make sure you’re in the arena bowl nice and early so you don’t miss these!

And the last thing..

HIS FACE! I mean c'mon - who wouldn't wanna see that LIVE in person!