The co-founder of the legendary Pink Floyd brings his 2018 solo Us And Them Tour to Arena Birmingham this July...and here's an idea of what you can expect! 


We've managed to get hold of footage from Roger Water's upcoming July show and it'll give all you of the Pink Floyd feels as the co-founder performs classics from Dark Side Of The Moon and Aniamls as part of his latest set!

The four new clips feature sections from Us And Them and Money — both from 1973's The Dark Side Of The Moon — as well as two other clips, both from Dogs, which first appeared way back in '77 as part of Animals.

Ready for a glimpse of what you can expect here in Birmingham? 

The shots, all filmed professionally, gives you guys a fantastic look at what you can expect from a show which is going to packed full of a classic rock!

And if you're watching these videos thinking "damn, I wish I bought a ticket" then don't worry, you can still snap up some Roger Water's tickets here!