Purity, exclusively available at Muse on Tuesday

Purity has been added to the line-up when Muse head to Arena Birmingham on Tuesday. The local brewers multi award winning Lawless Lager and all new Session IPA will be available exclusively on Tuesday night for fans heading to see the boys as they land in Birmingham on their Simulation Theory tour.

Purity Brewing.jpg

Purity is a name synonymous with music and the arts, supporting music events such as Mostly Jazz, Funk & Soul, Moseley Folk, Camper Calling and Lunar Festivals, and now you’ll be able to enjoy a pint of their award winning products before Muse do their thing!


When Purity Brewing Company set out the mission was simple: brew great beer without prejudice, with a conscience and with a consistency and an attention to detail, which is second to none.


Brewing award winning cask beers Pure UBU (4.5%), Mad Goose (4.2%), Pure Gold (3.8% or 4.3%), Bunny Hop (3.5%) and Saddle Black (seasonal 5.8%) and keg beers Longhorn IPA (5%) and Lawless Lager (4.5%) Purity has a range of beers, which at once pushes the boundaries without compromising on quality.


Lawless Lager and Session IPA will be available all night on Tuesday from a specialised Purity Bar, located on the concourse opposite Entrance F. There’ll also be some of the Purity team on hand for a chat about their favourite topic, so be sure to stop by!


Make sure you check them out and let us know what you think!