Birmingham, the countdown is on until Justin Timberlake brings his Man Of The Woods Tour right here to our arena and we're so giddy, we literally Can't Stop The Feeling!


It's been a great 12-months for Justin Timberlake, from the success of his highly anticipated comeback album Man of the Woods to his simply jaw-dropping Pepsi Super Bowl LII Halftime Show performance, JT has proved he's still the man.

The tour, which has already kicked off in the US, looks SO good - with people describing his latest escopade as one big Timberlake p-a-r-t-y...and who wouldn't wanna be involved in that!

The Star gave JT's show a whopping four stars on the show, writing the "launch of superstar’s Man of the Woods tour delivers extravagance and flawless performance. Justin Timberlake hit it out of the park — his most well-rounded production yet."

The Washington Post agreed, saying "Justin Timberlake may feel at home in the woods, but the arena is where he shines.” 

Chicago Tribune showered Justin in praise, saying “Forget about being a self-proclaimed ‘man of the woods.’ Justin Timberlake emerged as a man for all seasons...” 

And in June, YOU can have your say! Not grabbed your tickets yet? What are you waiting for?