IMPORTANT: Changes to roads surrounding Arena Birmingham

If you use the South Car Park here at Arena Birmingham, please give this a read so you know what to do (and what not to do) when leaving the venue!


The Bus Lane traffic control camera, which is located near our South Car Park, is now being enforced meaning if you enter the zone, you could be in for a hefty fine - which we absolutely DO NOT want. So give this a read and make sure you take this into consideration the next time you're leaving the venue after an event.


Sheepcote Street, which cuts across the city and directly outside our venue, is now strictly bus-only and some parts taxi's are allowed too, but standard motorists shouldn't use the area - so, please be mindful of these areas and avoid driving down roads you shouldn't! Below are a few tips which may help you from entering these areas and being slapped with a nasty fine...if you're joining us for a show soon, you might want to check this out.


Plan your journey accordingly
Before you set off on your journey to Arena Birmingham, research the surrounding roads you may encounter when travelling to and from the venue and make sure you know where you are going. Sometimes, people will enter these zones accidentally...don't be *that* person - have your journey mapped out before you leave.


Don't turn left when leaving the South Car Park
There's a stretch of road outside of the South Car Park which falls into the Bus Lane zone and the best way to avoid entering this area is by NOT turning left at the mini-island you'll hit when driving out of the South Car Park. It's clearly sign-posted, but we understand that these things get missed when you're in a rush - so please take this info into consideration and build it into your journey home after a show.


Opt for public transport
If you're really unsure about the roads and want to fully avoid driving into these zones, then don't drive at all! As we're smack bang in the city centre, there's loads of bus routes and trains which will bring you to our doorstep - so check these out when planning your next trip to Arena Birmingham.


Hopefully if you do all of the above you'll be fine-free and be left with no nasty surprises! All there's left to do is bring on your next trip to the venue!