EscapList: Sunshine Hits

The sun is finally shining again and you’re going to need some big old tunes to accompany your sun-bathing, gardening or even your home workouts! These 10 bangers will bring the blazing vibes to straight to your ears – get it on!

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So apparently, this week is going to bring the hottest day of the year so far, which is making lockdown and all the restrictions a little easier to take. Just as every good Superhero needs a sidekick, what is the sun without music? I mean, it's still good...but with the right soundtrack, it can make it 100X BETTER - and that's what this week's EscapList is going to do!




Grab a cold drink, pull up a sun lounger and soak these anthems in...


1. The S.L.P - Nobody Else

The S.L.P s the solo musical project of Serge Pizzorno, who you lot will know from Kasabian. This sounds TOO good in the heat!

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2. Georgia - Never Let You Go (MK Remix)

MK jumped on the remix for this song and brought the heat. 


3. Friendly Fires - Jump In The Pool

No matter which time of the year you listen to this belter, it will 100% feel like the summer (and make you wish you had a swimming pool)


4. Twista - Sunshine

Remix of the Bill Withers Lovely Day, notoriously fast rapper, Twista, brings the FIRE to this song and filling your ears with summery vibes in the process!


5. I Heart Sharks - Summer

If you're a fan of Made In Chelsea (we're not judging you, honestly) you may already be familiar with this song. If you're not, you need to check this out - the song that is. We won't make you watch MIC.

mac miller.jpg

6. Mac Miller ft Anderson.Paak - Dang!

Sadly, Mac Miller is no longer with us, but the music he did bless us with is truly incredible. This one. featuring Anderson.Paak, is perfect for any summery playlist!

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7. Wham! - Club Tropicana

Another musician who left this world before their time, one half of Wham!...the iconic George Michael! Club Tropicana is a TRUE summer-party starter. You can't help but grab a cocktail and dance as soon as this comes on. Let's have a sunshine boogie, let's have it for George!

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8. Tim Berg - Seek Bromance

The world of dance music hasn't been the same since Tim Berg aka Aviici left this planet, but this (amongst loads of others) is a huge, summery, sunshine-filled anthem. It'll never not sound good.

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9. Tame Impala - Lost In Yesterday

Taken from their latest album The Slow Rush, Lost In Yesterday oozes that chilled, laid-back, beer in hand, baking in the sun, relaxed vibe...and who doesn't want that? To be fair, the whole LP is incredible, so give the full thing a listen! 

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10. Will Smith - Miami

And finally, the ultimate summer party anthem. We couldn't have an EscapList dedicated to the sunshine without having this old school banger from Will Smith in it!