EscapList: Lockdown Anthems III

We know times are tough and lockdown will hit everybody differently, but we music can offer that light relief you may desperately need. We’re dedicating this week’s EscapList simply to good music. Get it on and get it loud.

EscapList Lockdown Anthems III-1.jpg

Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to escape the news at the moment. The impact of not only another lockdown, but the whole pandemic itself is unmeasurable and we know each and every one of you are going through a very tough time. Now, we're not saying music is the answer, but it definitely helps.


This week's EscapList is designed to give you an hour or so of complete escapism. We've hand selected ten songs which we just LOVE. It's a mix bag of new stuff, old stuff, slow stuff, dancey stuff, singalong stuff, it's a little bit of everything which will hopefully provide some comfort throughout this rubbish time we're all experiencing. 


Don't hang about, hit play and enjoy.



Which tracks are you loving? Which songs are we missing? Hit us up on Twitter @UtilitaArenBHM.