EscapList: Best Of The Christmas Ads

Over the last week or so, Christmas ads have started to weave their way onto our screens – AND WE LOVE IT! John Lewis, McDonalds, Sainsbury’s, Disney, Aldi, they are all at it and we couldn’t feel any more festive! To celebrate, our today’s EscapList is dedicated to all those memorable tracks we’ve herd from Christmas ads both past and present.

EscapList Best of the Christmas Ads-02.jpg

With the year we're all enduring, the fact people are going early on the Christmas vibes is a welcomed move. Times have been absolutely rubbish, so don't be a stickler, ditch the grinchy attitude and just let the festive season take over. Drop some Baileys in your coffee (perhaps wait until at least 5pm-ish), crack open the mince pies and yeah, why not stick up some light around the place - just soak in that Christmas spirit.


Talking of Christmas spirit, the big brands are straight back on it in terms of adverts...and they are brilliant. Sainsbury's 'Gravy Song' is just perfect, McDonalds tug on those heart strings and John Lewis have again delivered a cracking masterpiece of an ad.


To celebrate all things Christmas ads, this week's EscapList is dedicated to our top 10 songs which have featured on all the festive adverts over the years. 



Here's the listing with the adverts the tracks are from...and no they aren't ALL John Lewis songs (just a few of them are, ha)


1. Bastille - Can't Fight This Feeling - John Lewis, 2019
2. Melanie Thornton - Wonderful Dream (Holiday's Are Coming) - Coca-Cola
3. Becky Hill - Forever Young - McDonalds, 2020
4. Celeste - A Little Love - John Lewis, 2020
5. Taken By Trees - Sweet Child O' Mine - John Lewis, 2009
6. Burt Bacharach - Magic Moments - Quality Street, 1992
7. Gabrielle Aplin - Power Of Love - John Lewis, 2012
8. The Staple Singers - Who Took The Merry Out Of Christmas - House Of Fraser, 2017
9. L'Orchestra Cinématique - The Greatest Gift - Sainsbury's, 2016
10. Griff - Love Is A Compass - Disney, 2020