EscapList: Beats To Beat Lockdown

Without the risk of sounding super deep, there’s a Plato quote which really summarises the importance of music, especially during times we’re currently living in: “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” That’s the aim of this week’s EscapList, to deliver a bunch of incredible songs for you, your ears and your mind to get lost in.

EscapList Beats to Beat Lockdown_1.jpg (1)

This week's EscapList is a bit of a mix bag when it comes to both artists and genres, but there's one thing all these tracks have in common. They all sound incredible. We're being a bit more helpful this week too, we've added the playlist straight into this blog so you can just hit play when you're ready...



It’s going to a bumpy ride for a lot of people over the next few weeks, so drop your pals a text, give your nan a ring and most importantly, look after yourself. We hope this EscapList gives you some form of relief and perhaps can help guide you through some tough times. Just stick your headphones on and take a break from the world. We've got you.