2019 is the year of the boyband…well man-band as we look forward to bringing the likes of Take That, Backstreet Boys and Westlife back to Birmingham. So, get ready to roll back the years, sing ya hearts out and dance the night away as we get seriously nostalgic!



The ultimate boyband turned man-band will make you neeeeeeeever forget their show this May as Take That return to Birmingham. The TT line-up has changed a bit since the release of their 1992 debut album Take That & Party, with Robbie and Jason going their separate ways - but the energy, performance and overall showmanship that the remaining trio of Gary, Mark and Howard give on tour is absolutely insane!

Take That have been a three for the last couple of years, yet they have continued to churn out new music (which sounds great btw) as well as tour all year round, packing out stadiums and arenas in Europe, the US and the Middle East – everyone loves Take That! Now, if you’ve never been to a TT show, then believe us when we say it’s out of this world. The production is always SO big, it’s theatrical, mesmerising, enchanting, it’s crazy…and everything is (obviously) accompanied by the classic, iconic Take That tunes which we know and love.


Not necessarily what you would call a typical boyband, but they started off as a group of lads and they were making music together…so I think we’re okay to put them in that category – anyway – UB40’s Ali Campbell and Astro are heading back home to Birmingham this March for a night of big hits, classic reggae and Red, Red, Wine!

With 2019 marking 40 years since UB40 first performed live, the legendary reggae band will be celebrating with a greatest hits set that features global smashes including ‘Red Red Wine’, ‘Cherry Oh Baby’, ‘Rat In Mi Kitchen’ and ‘Kingston Town’. Ali & Astro will be joined on-stage by their incredible eight-piece reggae band.


We’re a bit disappointed they didn’t reinvent themselves as Backstreet Men on their return, but hey, who are we to judge? Anyway, the original fantastic five reformed earlier this year with a new album, single and then announced a huge UK tour too – we have well and truly been spoilt.

The group rose to fame with their debut international album, Backstreet Boys (1996). They have sold over 130 million records worldwide, making them the best-selling boy band in history and one of the world's best-selling music artists. They are the first group since Sade to have their first nine albums reach the top 10 on the Billboard 200, and the only boy band to do so.


The boys are celebrating their 20th anniversary as a band in the best possible way, by coming to Birmingham! Nicky, Kian, Mark and Shane return to the tour life off the back of their 2018 reunion, but, they aren’t just hitting the road, they’ve hit the studio too. A new EP is pending, but they gave us a brand new single Hello My Love which was their first official release in over seven years!

We’re hoping their show is going to be a mix of all the old Westlife classics which we know and love along with a bunch of new material! Fingers crossed, come on boys!