As the closing parties get closer and reality sinks in, it really is a depressing time for all you mental White Isle enthuasits - but don't fear - you haven't got to wait until next summer to get your fix...Pete Tong's Ibiza Classics live show is here to save the day!


Rewind four months back to May, you were optimistic about the summer, the UK had entered a scorching heatwave and you and your buddies were getting ready for a week in Ibiza – that’s a good feeling isn’t it, it’s a nice feeling, it’s a feeling I know you wanna get back…and we may have just the thing.

Now we can’t bring you the Balearic heat, nor can we re-enact the sun setting over Café Mambo, but we can bring you something else. The euphoric music. The legendary DJ. The pulsating Ibiza atmosphere…and it’s all thanks to Pete Tong, Jules Buckley and the Heritage Orchestra!

Pete Tong presents Ibiza Classics fuses together big, punchy EDM beats from some of Ibiza’s biggest names with the breathtaking sound of a full, live orchestra – giving you an experience like no other. 

Picture it to be a bit like this...*warning, this will give you ALL the Ibiza feels*

At the helm is the voice of Radio 1’s prestigious dance programming, Pete Tong. Pete has held a commanding presence over the industry for more than two decades. His unique position has earned him a reputation as one of Britain's most influential figures in electronic dance music.

Bringing together an all new set up with an array of special guest singers and an unparalleled production, Ibiza Classics is the world's most iconic classical electronic music event

Fancy joining us this November for the ultimate Ibiza x Christmas night out? Then snap up your tickets here!