Free Radio Hits Live heads to Arena Birmingham in May 2019 and although we can't speculate on the line-up, we've put together our ultimate line-up using artists from previous Free Radio Live gigs! Just imagine this lot on the same bill!

Our ultimate Free Radio Live line-up!

Traditionally, our night’s with Free Radio are usually spent over the way at Resorts World Arena, but this year we’re doing something different - we’re doing things Arena Birmingham style…and some of the names being thrown around for May’s show are INSANE! Before we can confirm those guys though, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and build what would be a DREAM line-up!

We’ve taken three artists from the last seven year’s of Free Radio Hits Live and built a one-night festival bill to rival the best! We’ve unfortunately had to leave out some quality acts, but you can’t argue with the ones that’ve made the cut! What do you lot think of this?..

Leona Lewis, Labrinth and Little Mix (2012)

Way back in 2012, we had some of Simon Cowell’s finest products on stage as X Factor winners Leona Lewis and Little Mix and SyCo’s Labrinth teamed up to kick off the first ever Free Radio Live. It’s impossible to leave these three off our ultimate bill as they’ve got it all - the voices, the style and the absolute hits!

Olly Murs, James Arthur and The Vamps (2013)

Here come the boys! These three are pretty much Free Radio Live Hits royalty after performing on these bills over the last few years and it’s always a pleasure having them with us in Birmingham! Olly will bring all that cheek, The Vamps bring the noise and James Arthur brings the voice…perfect combination!

Ed Sheehan, McBusted and Nicole Scherzinger (2014)

There’s no favouritism here, but boy was 2014 a great year! Picking three from the Free Radio Bill almost 5 years ago was a difficult one and we had to wave goodbye to some seriously big acts…but look at this trio! Ed strolled into Birmingham to open the show with literally just a bag pack, a loop pedal and his guitar - and it was unforgettable. Next up, two big pop rock boy bands for the price of one as McFly and Busted joined forces as McBusted took us from the Room On The 3rd Floor to the Year 3000, securing their place on our ultimate Free Radio Hits Live line-up! Finally, the first of two US superstars on our bill as Pussycat Dolls front-woman, Nicole Scherzy, brings all that sass to our dream fest! She killed it back in 2014 and we’d have no doubt that she’d do it again - we can only hope!

Years & Years, Jess Glynne and John Newman (2015)

Okay, this is where the P-A-R-T-Y starts as these three bring all the big, summery vibes to our line-up! Imagine seeing these guys back-to-back-to-back…you just couldn’t stop dancing. Especially if you combine this lot with our top three from 2018 and then you’ve got a real pardy on your hands.

Dua Lipa, Craig David and Professor Green (2016)

Since Dua Lipa’s appearance at Free Radio Live 2016, her career catapulted to global dominance (not saying we were responsible, but nvm) and she just keeps on smashing it. There’s absolutely noway we could leave Due off the bill and you know what, she’d be up there as a headline contender! Now, we can’t just have singers, bands and beats on the bill, we need some flare, some hip-hop, some rap - and both Craig David and Pro Green bring all that in a abundance!

George Ezra, Demi Lovato and Liam Payne (2017)

We’d 100% ride shotgun with George Ezra behind the wheel - just imagine the singalong you’d have on the road-trip! We’re lucky ‘cos George is stopping by in Birmingham again later this year when he brings his 2019 tour to our sister venue, Resorts World Arena and now, he’s confirmed for our imaginary dream line-up! We’re also throwing in a 1D superstar in Liam Payne and our second US global star in Demi Lovato, who will both bring those POP feels to the gig!

Anne-Maire, Rudimental and Clean Bandit (2018)

Joining Leona Lewis, Labrinth, Little Mix, Olly Murs, James Arthur, The Vamps, Ed Sheehan, McBusted, Nicole Scherzinger, Years & Years, Jess Glynne, John Newman, Dua Lipa, Craig David, Professor Green, George Ezra, Demi Lovato and Liam Payne our ultimate Free Radio Hits Live line-up are three acts who have all collaborated together, all had huge UK hits and are all here to have a good time! Maybe they could join forces like McBusted and form a new super-group…RudiMaire Bandit? Not the catchiest of names we know, but just think of the bangers this lot would produce!

Obviously our line-up is a thing of dreams, but, let’s see what the 2019 bill will bring!