Lenny is back with a powerful new single, It's Enough. The video to his latest release is incredible moving, showing footage of people standing up to racism, wars and terrorism. Get the scoop here!


'People are standing up. I've had enough of racism. I‘ve had enough of war,' is what Lenny had to say on his brand new single, in fact, it's the first single he's released off his upcoming  'Raise Vibration' album.

Now, we must warn you that the video for this track does contain some graphic images that some may find distrubing., but it's real, it's raw and it's a snapshot into the fuel that drives Lenny Kravitz.

You can watch the video here.

"People are standing up," Kravitz said of the video in a statement. "I’ve had enough of racism. I've had enough of war. I’ve had enough of the destruction of the environment and the greed and dishonesty of world leaders. We've got to get back on track toward moving forward through higher understanding." Yes, you can't escape that the track is politically driven, but you also can't argue that it's raw underlining agenda stands out in a over-saturated market.

Also, we reckon it'll sound incredible LIVE here in Birmingham in a few weeks' time. Oh and in case you missed it, earlier this week we announced the official support act for Lenny's tour...the awesome Curtis Harding!

His 11th studio album is set for release this September and by the sounds of it, it's going to be a real throwback to classic Lenny! In a recent interview with Rolling Stone he opened up about writer's block and how it all clicked into place late at night whilst in bed: "This is it. This is what I'd been waiting for. And once I started that process, the floodgates opened, and it all started coming out of me. I dreamt the whole record."

Right, roll on September...and roll on 20th June!