This Sunday is a very special day... It's the NHS 72nd birthday! To mark the occasion and to show the NHS heroes how much we love 'em there will be a NHS Thank You clap this Sunday at 5pm.

NHS Birthday 1568x858px 1.png

Let's face it the NHS and ALL their staff have been absolutely bloody amazing during all this Corona craziness! AND we don't know about you lot but we've missed going out on our drives, hanging out our windows, banging pots and pans to show our support every Thursday! 

We've got a date for your diary as this Sunday the they'll only go and join the lock-down Birthday club! So, let's make them feel extra special and give 'em the Birthday they deserve.

There are lots of ways for you to get involved in commemorating the birthday of the NHS and social care. Check out the main activities that the NHS are organising nationally on the NHS website here:

Oh and don't forget to check the websites and twitter accounts of your local NHS organisations to see if they have any local activities planned!

AND FINALLY... come on, this Sunday let's give the NHS a Birthday that they'll never forget and let’s make it the biggest NHS Thank You clap EVERRR!