EscapList: Nothing But Energy

To celebrate our new partnership with Utilita, this week's EscapList fuses together a bunch of tracks which are packed full of ENERGY! We're talking big dance classics, upbeat pop bangers and some head banging thrashers, which will 100% get you pumped!

EscapList Energy.jpg

Whether you're in need of a little motivation or you're after some tunes which you can play whilst doing your home workouts, this is the playlist for you! Today's EscapList is absolutely jam-packed full of tunes which have more energy than a kid who's had leftover Easter eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner!




You can find links to all our of EscapList's so far at the bottom of this page. For now, check out the tunes we've got for you this week...

maxresdefault (5).jpg

Metallica - Enter Sandman

It's heavy, it's massive and it will definitely get you moving!

daft punk.jpg

Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

The sample was used in Kanye West's Stronger, but you can't beat the original. We love this!

chemical brothers.jpg

The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize

We'd do anything for The Chemical Brothers to bring a show here to Utilita Arena Birmingham...maybe one day, eh?

maxresdefault (6).jpg

Labrinth & Tinie Tempah - Earthquake

If you went to uni between the year's of 2009-2012 then this would have definitely been your soundtrack of your days. It's so big, so powerful and got loads of energy!


Slipknot - Duality

Get ready to head bang and have a scream along to this!


Darude - Sandstorm

It's an oldie, but it's a goldie! You can't listen to this and stay still, it's actually impossible. Dare you to try.


Dua Lipa - Hallucinate

This is SOOOOOOO pop-y and will sound perfect alongside your morning workout! Can't wait for Dua to perform this right here at Utilita Arena Birmingham in 2021!

maxresdefault (7).jpg

Sub Focus - Solar System

There's a very distinctive sound associated with Sub Focus and Solar System is just a trademark classic from the legendary DJ!

pump it.jpg

Black Eyed Peas - Pump It

This is peak Black Eyed Peas! and Fergie have both done alright for themselves, but no-one can deny that nothing comes close to this era of B.E.P. As the name suggests, you'll struggle not to PUMP IT during this song!


Chase & Status - No Problem

To end this perfectly, powerful energetic playlist, is this straight-up banger from Chase & Status. Stick it on, get it loud and get ready to move!