EscapList: Nothing But 90s

Best way to describe this playlist is erm...well, imagine sticking your head inside Popworld (minus the sticky floors and £5 entry fee) and breathing in nothing but nostalgia! Get ya crimpers out, make sure your Tamagotchi's are fed and get ready to jump back to the 90's!


Looking back on things, life was pretty simple in the 90's wasn't it? When your biggest fear in life was accidentally making a spelling mistake as your scrawl your favourite band's new song onto the mix CD you've made on your chunky Dell PC...ah, the good old days! Well, we're hoping that this week's EscapList helps you to do exactly that, ESCAPE! 


We've got 10 tracks which simply define this incredible era of music and will 100% take you back to those glory days. 


You can listen to EscapList: Nothing But 90's right here!


Listen to everything from I'm Blue to Backstreet Boys, Ace of Bass to Alanis Morissette, Spears to Spice Girls, this is your ultimate 90's playlist!