EscapList: Football's Coming Home

We’ve got the footy back so we can wrap up the season, we’ve got the Champions League to look forward and rather a bit more depressingly, last Sunday should have been the finals of the Euros – that being said, we’ve definitely got the football bug…hence the theme of this week’s EscapList! Stick on your boots, grab your ball because football is coming home!

EscapList FOOTIE-02.jpg

Whether you like it or not, football is back...kind of...if you minus the fans, the lower leagues and the summer dedicated to a huge international tournament that is. Nonetheless, we're loving the fact that we can actually watch a bit of football again, it's the normality we needed in our lives.


Now, the Midlands teams are having a bit of a mixed season, with the Wolves flying high, WBA on the way up, Blues fizzling out and the Villa either on the cusp of a great escape or an immediate return to the Championship. It's going to be an interesting couple of weeks that's for sure!


Anyway, back to the EscapList, there's two reasons we've gone down the footy route this week. Number 1, over the weekend we should have been celebrating the Euro 20200 Final at Wembley and OBVIOUSLY England would have been lifting the trophy...and it made us sad thinking of what could have been (like always). Reason number 2, well, because there's some absolute football anthems! Fat Les, Tubthumping, World In Motion, Ant & Dec's one, Baddiel and Skinner there's loads and you can find them all here!




Finally, quick fact, Fat Les, the band behind Vindaloo (the song not the dish) consisted of Blur bassist Alex James, actor Keith Allen, and artist Damien Hirst! If you knew that already, well then you're a show off. Enjoy the music...and the football!